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Located in the beautiful Vipava Valley of Slovenia, Batic lives in the same home that has sheltered his family for over 400 years. You pass through a nondescript double wooden door and enter a wonderland of flowers and art that surround the combination winery and homestead. In the corner, near the entrance to the barrel room, and on a right angle to the residence, you sit at the table that has served the family for sixteen generations.

Ivan Batic, like most winemakers in Slovenia, spends his mornings in the vineyards, his afternoons at the winery, and every evening selling his wine, although his location of choice is the vineyard. He believes that wine is the product of the grape, and the winemaker needs to understand the language of the grape in determining the final product. He prefers an organic approach to production, but recognizes that circumstances may dictate some minimal reliance on pesticides or herbicides.

Batic focus is on his white wines, with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay leading the way. However, don’t ignore his Rosso Batic and his Cabernet Franc, both of these reds are full bodied, fruit driven wines, designed to improve any meal. Batic has relied on the native oak of Slovenia, but is careful to balance the oak with the fruit to offer wines ready to drink when young, but with ageing potential.

Finally, Batic wines are easy to identify. Bottled in green glass, in a distinctive pyramid shape, embossed with the Batic family crest, the package is designed by an artist whose work has found a home in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. He does has moved away from traditional labels in favor of neck tags that allow him to tell the story of his wines through narrative and poem. He sees winemaking as an art and argues that everything from the label to the bottle should enhance the experience.

Batic may be in his late 50’s, and is the personal product of many generations of winemaking, but he is far from a traditionalist. While Ivan speaks no English, his enthusiastic love of life and winemaking are clear when in his presence.