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                                                        IT’S NOT CHAMPAGNE. IT’S BUBBLY.

Bubbly Premium Sparkling Wine is estate grown, produced and bottled by hand in Slovenia, a stones throw from the Austrian border. Slovenian wine making tradition favors subtle fruit notes such as citrus, apple, and berries. Our wines are both exceptional and unusual. Overall, they are very light, creamy and easy to drink. Bubbly is perfect for wine aficionados as well as the causal drinker. Now you can discover these delicious sparkling wines from Slovenia...without the jetlag

About the vineyard....

Bubbly is estate produced at the award-winning Slovenian vineyards Radgonska gorice.

History was made in 1852 when a bottle of golden sparkling wine, Bubbly, was popped for the first time in Slovenia. The man who opened it was a risk taker. His name was Mr. Alojz Klenosek, and what follows is his story, and the beginning of Bubbly.

Klenosek recognized that Slovenia provided the optimum combination of geological and meteorological conditions to manifest his dream. Several years prior to 1852, he took his wine making skills and set off for the French region of Champagne to expand his vinicultural knowledge. After three years of intense immersion in the sparkling wine making process, Klenosek had enough experience to move forward with his vision. then returned to his beloved Styria, a mountainous region stretching from the south of Vienna, to begin his own sparkling wine empire.

Along the banks of the River Mura, Klenosek identified an idyllic location - a place where the hot winds that rise from the Hungarian plains are embraced by the cool breezes traveling from the peaks of the Alps. He put his intuition to the test and successfully established a thriving Styrian Champagne house. On that day in 1852, he raised his glass to his lips and pronounced that he had indeed made gold.

Some say that being a risk taker made him a natural gambler. One night in 1882, Klenosek was playing cards with friends and a new acquaintance, Mr. Clotar Bouvier. When it was over, Bouvier had vastly increased the net worth of his family estate to include a profitable vineyard. The alchemist behind Bubbly lost his entire business, and eventually faded into obscurity.

Clotar Bouvier, from the Swiss-French family, used his power and wealth as a banker to increase the size of Klenosek’s previous estate. Many cellars were built that are still in use to this day. The Bouviers converted some of the old ice cellars into wine cellars for ageing. By the early 1900’s the winery had 1,028 hectares of land producing fruit as well as their famous champagne, which was often at the Emperor’s table. The estate winery continued on with great success, flourishing in the Sun of the Empire.

Presently, Radgonska gorice vineyard is owned by three local Slovenian investors and operated by share-holding employees. More than 150 years after Klenosek popped that first bottle of Bubbly, the founders of Spirits of Serendipity Imports ‘discovered’ Bubbly while visiting Slovenia. The first container of Bubbly arrived stateside in December 2006, just in time for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration.

Now, we are able to offer you the opportunity to join us in making the world a better place - by igniting your passion, stretching the limits of your imagination, and taking that risk that just might produce gold. We pass on the torch of adventure. Klenosek did it, and so can you!