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DVERI - the old Slovenian word for door. Železne Dveri is at the same time also the name of a place and the exceptional viticulture location close to Jeruzalem, where the Dveri – Pax company maintains its vineyards and produces it's sparkling wines.

PAX - Latin word for peace and also inscribed.

The historical connection between the Jarenina castle and the monastery from Admont dates back to 1239. In those days the property was in possession of the nobleman Rudolf von Wittenswald who granted it to church as an expression of gratitude. The bishop Konrad I of Salzburg assigned the Jarenina castle (Jahringshof) to the monastery of Benedictines from Admont in 1239.

In 1939, following the accession of Austria to the Third Reich, the monastery in Admont was expropriated and the property of the Jarenina castle came under the administration of the Maribor Diocese. Upon Yugoslavia's occupation, the estate came into the position of the German Military Administration. Following the end of the Second World War, the estate was seized in its entirety in 1945. The Jarenina castle property, the Železne Dveri properties as well as the properties in the Radgona region were nationalized.

After the change in the political climate in Slovenia and the independence of 1991, the negotiations for the return of the seized properties to the rightful claimant, the Benedictine priory of Maribor, began. The priory used a portion of the returned property to establish the company Dveri-Pax d.o.o. The vineyard and the decrepit buildings on the property were in urgent need of renovation, which demanded capital. This was achieved by selling a share of the Dveri-Pax d.o.o. company to the Benedictines from Admont who, as is already mentioned above, had historical links to the property. The latter also purchased the remaining share of the Dveri-Pax company in 2005, becoming its full owner.