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Jason Learned, the principal of Spirits of Serendipity Imports UK Ltd, was visiting Ireland and met a new friend – Srecko, a facilities manager from Slovenia. Free spirited Jason took Srecko up on his offer to visit the country. One Slovenian Thanksgiving turkey later, Jason and his brother were treated to and an incredible local treasure that would change his life. “Bubbly was not like anything I had ever experienced. It has a long lingering finish, and I was immediately transformed,” notes Jason. . I was hooked.” Jason found the Brut Natural sublime-- with its extreme dryness combining perfectly with its wonderful floral bouquet.

From there things started to get busy. After many more visits to Slovenia he was introduced to the wine maker and the company that produces the Sparkling Wine. It was here when he had his idea of bringing this liquid gold to the UK. This was made even harder due to the fact that most of UK public had no idea where Slovenia was and that they made wine let alone of this quality. He then set out in Slovenia to find the best wines for export. This led to many more trips through the vast amount of wineries in this tiny country. There was one clause and that was that he had to like, no love the wines. After finding the vineyards he set out talking to the owners and getting to know the wines and the where, why, when and who made these masterpieces. He soon found out that the best wines were in fact the wines that came from the best people he had met and this was linked to the family, earth, and life. That’s why we import from small producers and family owned and run estates where quality always comes first.