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The concept behind Carolina Malvazija derives from the
desire for a youthful and dynamic type of wine that would charm a
person with its aftertaste, freshness being the key



Vine growing Properties:
Integrated plan protection - EU regulation. The south-western growing location enables more exposure to the sun rays and higher afternoon temperatures because of the angle in a terrace planting system. These conditions fit species like Chardonnay and Rebula well.
Rebula is grown on top of the summits and therefore the soil is poor, marly, as well as mineral since the grapevine harvests water, rich with minerals, from deeper layers during draughty years. The soil is thus suitable exclusively for Rebula, since the wine is fresh and drinkable, which is evident from slightly higher acid amounts and a long and concentrated aftertaste. The Chardonnay grapevine is located in lower regions, where the soil is deep because of alluvial deposits from the past.

Wine making process:
The grapes are cold macerated for 18 hours. The grapes are then pressed using CO2 and matured for 24 months in Troncaise or Allier casks are used. After this it is then bottled using a modern filling line..

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