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The Steyer winery is located in the Plitvica village near Apace. They cultivate 37 acres of vineyards, situated on the near-by Plitvicki and Azenski Hill. They grow several varietals including two reds but focus mainly on Gewurztraminer which does very well in their climate. They make a traditional method sparkling using this grape as well as an intensely flavoured barrique still wine. And once every four years they make an ice wine that is picked on the leap year, which usually gains a gold medal from Decanter. Danilo Steyer takes great care in producing his wines in the long standing traditions of his family. The tending of his vines in a natural way and nurturing his wines to bring our their potential has been passed down through the generations. One of his large oak barrels has been in use by his family for over 200 years.

Time, tradition and patience.